How To Watch Wrestling

The object of a wrestling match is to gain a fall by pinning an opponents shoulders to the mat for 2 continuous seconds, or to gain a decision by out-wrestling an opponent.

Length of Match: A Match is usually six minutes in length and divided into three periods of two minutes each.
1st Period: Starts from the standing or "Neutral" position.
2nd Period: Choice of position is determined by a coin toss. The winner may choose top or bottom in "referee's" position or may now opt to start in the neutral position.
3rd Period: Choice of position is given to the wrestler who lost the coin toss before the second period. The same options apply.

Move Points Description
Takedown 2 Points from a neutral position (both standing with neither wrestler having control) a wrestler gains control over his opponent down on the mat while the supporting parts of either wrestler are in-bound.
Escape 1 Point when a defensive (bottom) wrestler gains a neutral position and his opponent has lost control while at least one wrestler is in-bound.
Reversal 2 Points when the defensive wrestler comes from the bottom position and gains control of his opponent, either on the mat or in a rear standing position, while the supporting points of either wrestler are in-bounds.
Near Fall 2 or 3 Points When near fall criteria is met for 2 seconds. Near fall criteria is:
  • when any part of both shoulders or scapula of the defensive wrestler are held for a least 2 seconds within four inches of the mat;
  • or when one shoulder or scapula is touching the mat with the other shoulder or scapula held at an angle of 45 degrees or less.

If near fall criteria is met for two continuous seconds, 2 points are awarded when the defensive wrestler is out of the predicament. If near fall criteria is met for five continuous seconds a 3 point near fall is awarded when the defensive wrestler is out of the near fall situation.

Penalty 1 Point
* Chart
A wrestler is awarded point(s) for technical violations or infractions of the rules committed by his opponent. These points are awarded according to the penalty chart.


Infraction Warning First Second Third Fourth
Illegal Holds No 1pt 1pt 2pt Disqualify
Unnecessary Roughness No 1pt 1pt 2pt Disqualify
Unsportsmanlike conduct No 1pt 1pt 2pt Disqualify
Stalling Yes 1pt 1pt 2pt Disqualify
Technical Violations No 1pt 1pt 2pt Disqualify
-Technical violations include avoiding wrestling by leaving mat, grabbing clothing or headgear, incorrect starting position. locked hands.
-Technical violations for false start or incorrect starting position are 1 point penalty for each infraction following two cautions. This infraction does not count toward disqualification.